Option 2: Web Print with Papercut

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How to use Web Print


Please note that to access Web Print, you must be connected to HPU's network (ex. VDI, VMWare, HPU's WiFi). Once you are connected, you can access it on either Windows or Mac.

  1. Go to https://myprint.hpu.edu and log in using your username and Gmail password.
    • If you experience a “Not Secure” error message, please click on “More information” or “Advanced” and continue to the website. The website is safe to use.
  2. On the left-hand side, please select “Web Print”.
  3. On the Web Print page, select “Submit a Job”
  4. Select the printer location and type of print you would like. (For full list of printers' names, please click here.) There are four options for each printer:
    • For black & white single-sided pages, select bwsingle[location]. (5 cents)
    • For black & white double-sided pages, select bwdouble[location]. (8 cents)
    • For colored single-sided pages, select colorsingle[location]. (35 cents)
    • For colored double-sided pages, select colordouble[location]. (60 cents)

After selecting your printer, scroll to the bottom and click “2. Print Options and Account Selection”.

  1. Enter the number of copies you would like to print out. When you have finished, click on “3. Upload Documents.”
  2. Upload the file(s) that you would like to print. Please note that if you go back to change previous steps, you will have to re-upload your file(s).
  3. Once your file(s) are uploaded, click “Upload and Complete.” Your file(s) will be sent to the selected printer to print and your print balance will be charged automatically.


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