Option 1: Print from VDIs/VMware Using PaperCut


How to Print with Our New System!

  1. Login to a HPU workstation at the ETC, Sharkys Cove, ATM Learning Commons, or either of our 2 libraries or log into VMware Horizon Client on a personal computer or Mac. If you need assistance installing Horizon Client on a personal computer, please click here.
  2. Note: If you are using Horizon Client, save your file(s) in the virtual desktop or somewhere that you can access within the virtual desktop, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
  3. Open the file you want to print, and press ctrl + p on the keyboard or click on file > print.
    • For black & white single-sided pages, select bwsingle[location]. (5 cents)
    • For black & white double-sided pages, select bwdouble[location]. (8 cents)
    • For colored single-sided pages, select colorsingle[location]. (35 cents)
    • For colored double-sided pages, select colordouble[location]. (60 cents)
  4. Select which printer you want to print to, and then hit "print." (For full list of printers' names, please click here.)
  5. It will automatically charge the print job(s) to your account. You're done!


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