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Categories (10)

Academic Services

Blackboard, Lecture capture, Collaborate,

Accounts & Access

Password resets, Department File Shares, New hires

Classroom Technology Support

Projectors, Audio visual controller, Audio support

Communication & Collaboration

Office Telephones. Emails, Faxing, Webconferencing

Enterprise Systems

Services related to Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems, Content Management Systems

Computer & Printing

Office desktops, Laptops, Virtual desktops, Scanning. Copying, Peripherals (mouse, keyboards, speakers, etc)


Requests, Installs, Licenses, Updates

Networking & Security

Wireless access, Wired access, Report network outage, VPN access

Servers and Data Storage

Coordinate all activities related to centralized enterprise server and data storage support.

• Enterprise Server Support (including Windows, Linux, Virtual Server, Virtual Desktop Environments
• Central data storage, file backups and restores
• Desktop Security
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
• Enterprise Security Camera System

Services (1)

Report An Outage

To report a network or electrical outage.