Service Catalog

Categories (12)

Accounts & Access

Password resets, Department File Shares, New hires

Business Intelligence & Reporting

IBM Cognos Analytics, ODS, Data Extracts, Data Dictionary

Multimedia Support

Projectors, Audio visual controller, Audio support

Communication & Collaboration

Office Telephones. Emails, Faxing, Webconferencing

Computer & Printing

Office desktops, Laptops, Virtual desktops, Scanning. Copying, Peripherals (mouse, keyboards, speakers, etc)

Enterprise Applications

Services related to Enterprise Applications such as Banner and

Learning Management Systems

Services related to Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard

Networking & Security

Wireless access, Wired access, Report network outage, VPN access

Research and Development

Services related to Research and Development

Servers and Data Storage

Coordinate all activities related to centralized enterprise server and data storage support.

• Enterprise Server Support (including Windows, Linux, Virtual Server, Virtual Desktop Environments
• Central data storage, file backups and restores
• Desktop Security
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
• Enterprise Security Camera System


Requests, Installs, Licenses, Updates

Web Services

Content Management System support, implementation and support of web resources.

Services (2)

Report An Outage

To report a network or electrical outage.

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